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Speech at the chamber

I am the owner of the transport company SEFATRANS which , for several years now deals with transfers to and from Turkey believing that this will assist in the further development of trade relations between the two countries and to the success of this day.

Greece and Turkey, as being two neighboring countries have developed a quite good level of trade between them, which still has the potential to grow more. The proximity of the two countries helps in the fast transfer of goods to both countries.

Apart from the trade relations between the two countries, Greece is defined as a gateway for all of Europe for Turkey.

I would like to mention you from my experience since the company SEFATRANS has been dealing with road transport for years, the various proposals and some problems arising during the transport of goods.

Greece and especially Thessaloniki due to its geographical location, can be a transit trade hub for Turkey to the whole of Europe but also to Third countries (eg Russia-Belarus-Ukraine) and corresponding may to be done for exports from all over Europe having Thessaloniki as the main center, since Greece is the last country exiting Europe in order to arrive to Turkey.

Also, Greece and especially Thessaloniki can be defined alongside with Turkey as a transit trade center for neighboring countries such as Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan-Iran-Iraq-Syria-Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan. Here we would also like the assistance of our chamber in order to resolve some legal issues regarding exports to third countries such as the solution of the tax issue representative.

One problem that arises during transportation is the delay that observed at the customs offices of entry-exit of both countries. There is only one gate entry-exit (KIPOI) and due to the fact that for it is the first customs office entry point for Europe for Turkey and the last customs office of export for Europe respectively in Turkey, a large congestion of trucks at the border occurs. A temporary solution to the problem is the manning of the Kipoi customs clearance with more staff.

This issue can be resolved definitively

Either a) by creating a new entry-exit gate, or b) by proposal our chamber has made for the creation of a RO-RO shipping line. Ships from Canakkale to Kavala and Thessaloniki. The creation of the new road axis Igoumenitsa - Alexandroupoli has contributed effectively in terms of speed movement of goods.

We, SEFATRANS having the knowledge of the know-how in the field of transport, we believe we can help further trade with Turkey and the surrounding countries providing any information to any interested individuals.

To conclude, I would like to thank the Hellenic-Turkish Chamber for their offering assistance to companies operating in Turkey and for the immediate information providing to its members about anything concerns the Greek-Turkish trade relations and finally I wish for as much as best possible success of this day.

Ismail Sonay