Since 2009, provided honesty and friendliness, we have created a company based on reliability. As customers, we were looking urgently for these conditions and we found them with difficulty so we decided to become the creators of Sefa Trans and define these features as our motivating power. The purpose of the company is the development of the International Road Transport mainly to and from Turkey, as well as throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Balkans.

Based on our main correspondents and thanks to our close partnership with a wide range of partners and a modern fleet of 80 trucks of all types (even with an ADR certificate), we execute every loading order of our customers, taking care of it customs clearance where required, quickly and reliably with door – to – door services.

SEFA SOLE SHAREHOLDER LTD is a steadily growing company in the international transport industry. The last years, it has evolved from a simple carrier to a valuable partner, providing complete logistics services. Having many years of experience in the field, we have been recognized as the most experts in transport and freight management for vicarious work. The appreciation of our customers, which brought us first on their preferences, confirms the good reputation for which we tirelessly work over 12 years.

The commitment to the quality of our work, the exceptional manpower, the deep knowledge and professionalism, bore fruit. With undiminished mood and passion, we wish to continue the same course of development, paying even more attention to the needs of our customers and ensuring that we work even more intensively and in a coordinated way to meet these needs of theirs.

SEFA means:

Our logo is located under the name S E F A T R A N S because S E F A in greek means:

  • ΣΥΝΕΠΕΙΑ (Consequence): Timely completion of the project.
  • ΕΙΛΙΚΡΙΝΕΙΑ (Honesty): You can trust us.
  • ΦΙΛΙΚΟΤΗΤΑ (Friendliness): We see ourselves in you.
  • ΑΞΙΟΠΙΣΤΙΑ (Reliability): We operate responsibly.